About Tiwi Bombers

The deeply entrenched and entwined relationship football plays in the Tiwi cultural landscape is well documented. This relationship has and continues to provide a perfect key in supporting important and significant social change.

The Tiwi Bombers Football Club is proud to be representative of the whole Tiwi Community. Our formation was motivated by a desire to positively impact a number of social issues using the popularity of AFL. We are keen to maintain that role.

The Tiwi Bombers Football Club will continue to utilize our unique position within the Community to search, create and be a part of any opportunities to reinvest in the positive growth of the greater Tiwi Community.

The special Tiwi football magic has provided a national profile and we want that to impact on all areas of the Tiwi Island activities. As we navigate our way to successes both on and off the field we can see tangible impact and inroads the Club, the players and our Partners are having on positive social impact outcomes throughout the entire Tiwi Community. This is well illustrated in this short film clip about the role of the Club.